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No.22 The Butcher's Shop

Doughty's the butchers in DoddingtonThe butcher's shop has changed very little since it was built, in 1789, by Henry Norrington. Under the front canopy, the hooks from which the sides of meat were once hung still remain.

It remained in the Norrington family until 1865 when it was sold to Thomas Monk. The Monk family ran the shop for about 40 years. Gravestones erected in their memory can still be seen in the churchyard.

Bygone Picture of the Butchers in DoddingtonAround the early 1900's, the shop was owned by Mr. Sydney Boulding, who also had a butcher's shop in Sittingbourne; it was managed by Mr. James Jackson (also a churchwarden), assisted by his three sons (two of whom were choristers). The business continued to flourish.

For a brief period during the First World War, the shop was closed. The purchaser, in 1919, was the father of the present owner, Mr. Douglas Doughty.

The shop is renowned beyond the local area for the quality of its meat - particularly its sausages - for which Douglas Doughty has won several prizes.

The Butchers shop in Doddington


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