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No. 26 Doddington Windmill

Doddington Windmill
Same view September 2006
August 2006

The windmill was built in about 1820. It was an octagonal 'smock' type, on a very low brick base. Originally the mill was known as the Chequers Mill, being situated on the brow of Chequers Hill, but it was subsequently known by the names of its owners.

It was purchased, in 1880, by John Jarvis from Thomas Norrington; both families had a long association with Doddington. During days of no wind Mr. Jarvis would put his men to work grinding farmers' corn at his steam mill in Newnham .

During its working life, the mill was damaged on several occasions by high winds. In 1854 one of the sweeps was lifted in a gale, and blown 200 yards towards the Chequers Road.

In 1886, wind damaged the braking gear - nearly causing a fire. A further incident happened in a snow storm in 1902, when the fan ran away in the strong winds and had to be stopped by use of a 3-inch crow bar.

In 1909 the mill was altered to accommodate an oil engine - but continued to be operated by wind until about 1926.

It stayed in the Jarvis family for two generations and was sold to Mr. Elvey, a local haulier, in 1925. The area around the mill was subsequently used to store haulage vehicles; the mill, sadly, fell into disrepair and was demolished in 1937.

John Jarvis
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Picture contributed by
Myrna Boswell of Australia


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