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No.9 The Old Forge

Doddington Forge occupied the site on which the bungalows to the west of the school now stand.

It is not known when the business commenced, but it is believed to have closed down in the late 1930's. It was run by the Bensted family, and was a very busy place since most farming and commerce was horse-reliant. Apart from shoeing, metalwork for farm machinery was also carried out here.

To the right hand side of the forge, a yard provided space for horses awaiting attention.

Many children of that time, including Ethel Sage, Doris Whitehead and Phoebe Pitts, remember warming their hands against the fire in "Black Harry's" forge (Black Harry was the nickname for the local blacksmith) before going into school on cold winter mornings.

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The Old Forge Doddington Kent
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