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Doddington Village Appraisal 1997

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The object of this document, besides relaying the results of the first appraisal conducted in Doddington, is to provide a portrait of our village for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike. The reports that follow have been written by groups of villagers and encompass many aspects of life in Doddington - from the past to the present and future. A history of the parish and its landmarks is followed by articles concerning wildlife and the natural environment plus a diary of clubs and societies in the village

. The final section of this book is dedicated to a graphic display of the appraisal questionnaire responses, together with comments and suggestions from residents. Preceding the report of the results is a re-iteration of the 'mission statement' of the appraisal committee. Since a staggering 91% response-rate was achieved, the statistics shown can be taken to be a very accurate measure of the views of villagers. For those interested in the exact figures, the appendix features a copy of the questionnaire with the results inserted.

Study groups and the Committee will continue to meet in order to pursue the interests of residents as expressed within these results. Anyone wishing to be involved in the process is more than welcome. Many thanks to all those who distributed, collected and completed the questionnaire and to the sponsors who helped to make this publication possible; the result is a document which will no doubt prove useful in shaping the future of the community.

Study Groups:

The Church: Mary Chastney, Les Roberts
Communications: Barbara Roberts, Henry Cuthbert, Gil Gaze, Joan Boucher
Natural History: Nigel England, Chris Mason, Graham Cuthbert, Aad Sipsma-Memelink
Clubs and Societies:
Ian Pateman, Sue Hanson, Henry Cuthbert, Les Roberts, Mary Chastney, Joan Boucher, Heather Pateman
Education and the School: Sandra Parker, Wendy Gaze
Village Facilities: David Treadwell, Julie Gill-Thornycroft, Sue Hanson
History: Bob Allen, Helen Major, Julian Davies, Ian Pateman, Chris Shepley, Liz Cuthbert, Steve Huntley
Transport: Mary Chastney, Linda Lumsden, Carolyn Gabb, David Treadwell, Sandra Parker
Building Development/Conservation: Linda Lumsden, Alpha Mason
The Environment: Alpha Mason, Chris Mason, Linda Lumsden, John Penry
Neighbourhood Watch: Ian Pateman
Local Government: Linda Lumsden

Questionnaire Distribution/Collection: (alphabetically)
Bob Allen, Rob Brodie, Mary Chastney, Graham Cuthbert, Roy Dougherty, Stan Germain, Sue Hanson, Linda Lumsden, Helen Major, Brian Martin, Chris and Alpha Mason, Sandra Parker, Ian Pateman, Barbara Roberts, Rosemary Ryder, Chris Shepley, Barry West, Ian Woodhouse.

Chairman: Linda Lumsden                                     Survey Coordinator: Alpha Mason
Treasurers: Bob Allen, Graham Cuthbert               Publicist: Ian Pateman
Secretaries: Ian Woodhouse, Mary Chastney        Committee Member: Sue Hanson
Fund-raising: Mary Chastney, Linda Lumsden, Bob Allen, Committee

Collation and Design: Alpha Mason, Linda Lumsden
Statistical Analysis and Graphics: Alpha Mason
Editing and Layout: Alpha Mason
Proof-reading: Linda Lumsden, Committee
Procedural Advice: Helen Vines/Stephen Ford (Kent Rural Community Council)
Computer Facilities: Ian Woodhouse, Canterbury Christ Church College Geography Department

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