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Will of Maj.-Gen. Sir  ALURED  DODSWORTH  FAUNCE,  C.B.

Contributed by Peter Stuart


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Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) - records held in 1991 by the Public Record Office (PRO). Reference:   PROB 11 / roll 2111 / ref no 281 / pages 236 RH - 239 LH. 
Paper Writing A

In the Name of God Amen.
I,  Alured Dodsworth FAUNCE, Major General in the Army and a Companion of the Most Honrable Order of the Bath, Do by this my last Will and Testament , revoking all others, desire that my just debts and funeral expenses be paid within one year after my decease, and that my funeral may not be made more expensive than decency requires, and that I be laid in the same Vault with my late dear Wife in the Crypt of Clifton Church, as I hope in God I may die in Clifton.
I give and bequeath to each of my daughters Caroline, now Mrs. Alexander CUNNINGHAM and Eliza, now Mrs. Robert ROBERTSON BRUCE, twelve hundred pounds stock in the 3 1/4 per cents standing in my name, or in the 3 per cents should the 3 1/4 have been reduced; remainder to the husband of each respectively, and in case of the demise of the parents during my lifeime, then the stock is to go to their oldest child.
I leave to my Executors in trust twelve hundred pounds stock in the 3 1/4 per cents standing in my name, or in the 3 per cents should the 3 1/4 have been reduced, the interest arising from which stock of twelve hundred pounds is to be paid to my daughter Ellen PINCKE, now Mrs. Charles DUPPA, during her life; remainder to her oldest child.
I give and bequeath to my Son Thomas three thousand pounds stock in the 3 1/4 per cents standing in my name, or in the 3 per cents should the 3 1/4 have been reduced, but in case he should not be living at the time of my decease then the three thousand pounds stock is to go to his widow, contingent remainder to be divided among their children.
To my Son Alured TaskerI leave and bequeath the residue of my money in the funds and in Bank stock, as well as any balance to my account in the hands of Messrs Cox & Co., Craigs Court, London, and also any found in my possession, out of all (of) which my just debts and funeral expenses are to be paid by my said Son Alured Tasker, as likewise the sum of thirty pounds I give to my Son in Law Alexander CUNINGHAM, Esq.  I also give and bequeath to my Son Alured Tasker the following sums:  on mortgage  £600. on the house at Sittingbourne, Kent, belonging to Richard BATHURST, Esq. at Faversham; whatever sum may remain unpaid of £350. on the house of John COULTER, Hollingbourne, Kent; and £100. on  the Blacksmith's Forge at Doddington, Kent, by Thomas GRIGGS, now of Ramsgate.
I likewise give and bequeath to my Son Alured Tasker my house No. 17 Caledonia Place, Clifton, with the furniture of every kind, pictures, glass, and linen of all kinds, including my Personal Effects, with the exception of any otherwise disposed of as herein mentioned; contingent remainder to his Widow; remainder to the eldest Son; if no Son living, then to the eldest daughter.
The Tortoise shell and silver work box belongs to my daughter Ellen PINCKE, now Mrs. Charles DUPPA, and is to be given to her.
My plate I devise may be divided among my Sons and Daughters according to the division I have made in a list directed to my Executors who I request will see that my desire is attended to.  Should any of my Sons and Daughters not be living at the time of my decease, then the share of plate is to be given to the surviving husband or Wife respectively; remainder to the eldest Son of each;  if no Son, to the eldest daughter.
I request my Son Alured Tasker to take care of the Salver presented to me by the Officers of the 4th, The King's own Regiment, and my wish is that it should descend to his eldest Son, and so on, that it may remain in possession of a male of the Family and name of FAUNCE.  Those in possession of my house and furniture are not to be liable for waste of spoil in the use of either except in keeping the house in repair against wind and water.
I hope my Son Alured Tasker will be careful of my watch and seals; particularly the small Crystal seal left me by my good Aunt PINCKE.  The watch did belong to her eldest Son, Thomas PINCKE, his initials and the PINCKE crest are on the back of it; and that he will also take care of the locket containing the hair of his dear and good Mother, the other watch and seal which belonged to my very dear Wife I leave to Elizabeth, Wife of my Son Alured Tasker, and I am certain she will value it.
Any swords I may have, and my Military Uniform and appointments, I leave to my Son Thomas and trust he will preserve the small straight sword, the blade having been worn by my Father when he was in the 47th Regiment at the conquest of Quebec in 1759, by General Wolfe.
I request my Sons Alured Tasker and Thomas, and my Son in Law Alexander CUNINGHAM, Esq. will act as my Executors and see that this my Will is carried into effect.  And I leave to my Son in Law Alexander CUNINGHAM, Esq. the sum of thirty pounds and hope he will accept so small a sum for the trouble I am giving him.
I wish I had the wherewithal to leave more acceptable Legacies to my dear Sons and daughters but I have never had the means.  I have always been a poor man.  Either of my Executors which I have here named may act solely in case the others should not be in the Kingdom at the time of my decease.   In witness whereof I, the said Alured Dodsworth FAUNCE, have, to this my last Will and Testament written on one sheet of paper, set my hand and seal this fourth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty nine
A D FAUNCE     Signed and sealed
Signed, sealed, and declared by the said Alured Dodsworth FAUNCE, the Testator, in the presence of us who, in his presence and at his request, and in the presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses   
Jas. ANDERSON,gent., Caledonia Place, Clifton, Co. of Gloucester      
Wm.  HAUTENVILLE, (unreadable) Caledonia Place, Clifton, Co. of Gloucester.

Memorandum of Plate directed by my will to be divided on my decease among my Sons and daughters as follows:
To Alured Tasker FAUNCE
1     Gravy Spoon                                     Crest    FAUNCE
17   Tea      ditto                                         ditto         ditto
24   Large Forks                                         ditto        ditto
24   Desert   ditto                                        ditto        ditto
4     Salt Cellars and  8 Spoons                  ditto        ditto
1     Mustard Pot and spoon                        ditto        ditto
1     Marrow spoon                                      ditto        ditto
1     Fish  Slice                                            ditto        ditto
1     Skewer                                                 ditto        ditto
1     Sugar Sifter                                          ditto        ditto
2     Wine Coolers                                       ditto        ditto plated
4     Decanter Stands                                  ditto        ditto all silver
1     Butter Knife                                          ditto        ditto
2     Hand Waiters                                       ditto        ditto (whole of this line crossed out)
1     Salver  Arms FAUNCE -- presented to me by the Officers of the 4th, The King's Own Regt.
1     Cup and Cover   FAUNCE Arms on the Cup; the Crest on the Cover
12   Table spoons  Crest: Bulls Head & Coronet, Abergavenny Crest
12   Desert    ditto   ditto           ditto                      ditto               ditto
4     Tea        ditto     no Crest  old, were Mrs. FAUNCE'S own.
1     Wine Strainer no Crest
1     pair Candlesticks  Crest:   Griffins Head and Coronet, from Sharsted
1     pair Snuffers & Stand  no Crest, the stand has a handle, from Sharsted  (Kent, home of PINCKE)
1     Ink stand   no crest ,  from  Franks (Kent, home of Aunt M. J. TASKER)
1     Toast Rack no crest
1     pair Sugar tongs Crest: a Cubit Arm erect holding a cross pattee fitchee, PINCKE 's
12   Desert Knives,  5 forks Crest:  Bulls head and Coronet
1     Stand for Dishes, etc. Initials M. P. --  from Sharstead. (Aunt Mary PINCKE)
To Thomas FAUNCE
1     Gravy Spoon with a Strainer Crest   FAUNCE
12   Table ditto ditto ditto
6     ditto     ditto ditto ditto  the Crest larger than the others, was my fathers
16   Desert ditto ditto ditto
4     Tea ditto ditto ditto old, 2 small
12    Large Forks ditto ditto
13    Desert Ditto ditto ditto
1     Tea Pot  ditto ditto
1     Coffee  ditto ditto ditto larger than the other
1     Cream Pot ditto ditto
2     Sauce Ladles ditto ditto
1     Bread Basket ditto ditto plated
1     Sugar Sifter  Crest  FAUNCE old and smaller than the other two.
1     Cruit stand & Cruits ditto ditto with two small sifters.
2     Small salt spoons ditto ditto
4     Salt Cellars marked with old arms.
1     Hand Waiter FAUNCE Arms and Crest
1     pair  Sugar Tongs Crest: FAUNCE
4     Wine Ladles.
2     pair Decanter stands plated;  Crest: a Cubit arm erect holding a cross Pattee fitchee PINCKE's
11   Tea spoons they are gilt and without Crest
1     Table spoon Badge of the Kings own Regt.,  3rd. Battn.
1     Tea       ditto       ditto                ditto                    ditto
3     small old salt spoons one with old arms, the other two plain.
1     pair Candlesticks Crest:  Griffins Head & Crescent, from Franks.
4     Corner Dishes and Covers   Crest:  FAUNCE, plated.
1     (Unreadable) Strainer no Crest.
1     Stand for Dishes etc. not marked.
1     pair handsome snuffers and stand  --  the latter has the FAUNCE Crest


To Caroline, now Mrs. Alexender CUNNINGHAM,
1     Soup Ladle            Crest  FAUNCE
1     Gravy Spoon  ditto ditto
12   Table      ditto  ditto     Gray Hounds Head; they are beaded down the handle.
12    Desert   ditto  ditto       ditto  ditto        ditto
12    Tea       ditto  ditto  a Cubit Arm erect holding a Cross pattee fitchee, PINCKE's.
1      pair sugar tongs no Crest -- old fashioned and gilt.
18    Table Forks          Crest: a Cubit arm erect holding a cross Pattee Fitchee, PINCKE 's.
2      Sauce Ladles        ditto     ditto                     ditto                            ditto          ditto.
1      Fish Slice              ditto     ditto                      ditto                           ditto          ditto.
1      Cream Pot old arms on it, not known, from Sharsted.
1      Punch Ladle no Crest, from Franks.
1      Punch Strainer old Arms, not known.
1      small sauce panno Crest;  the largest of the two.
1      Chamber Candlestick with initials A.M.F.
1      Tea Strainer Spoon.
1      Sugar Sifter Crest:   FAUNCE.
1      Sugar Basin for powder Sugar; no Crest.
To Ellen PINCKE, now Mrs. Charles DUPPA,
1     Gravy Spoon Crest:  a head,  old fashioned make, from Franks.
2     Hand Waiters     ditto     a Cubit arm erect holding a cross pattee fitchee, PINCKE's
1     Tea Pot               ditto                     ditto                      ditto                          ditto.
2     Sauce Ladles      ditto                     ditto                     ditto                           ditto.
4     Table Spoons    ditto                      ditto                      ditto                          ditto.
4      ditto       ditto    ditto     a Griffins Head and Coronet.
2      ditto       ditto with initials  I.H.G. ( ? J. H. G.)
2     Salt Cellars and spoons Crest:  Griffins Head & Coronet; the spoons have no Crest, the Salt Cellars oval.
1     Cream Pot plain make; no Crest.
1     small sauce pan no Crest;  old, the upper part of the handle is wood; the smaller of the two
1     pair Candlesticks Crest:  Griffins Heads & Crescent, from Franks
1     Tea Strainer spoon
1     pair Snuffers   with silver Handles, from Franks.
1     Sugar Sifter  smaller than the others. no Crest.
1     pair of Branch Candlesticks no Crest; plated.
To Eliza, now Mrs. R. R. BRUCE,
2     Gravy Spoons Crest:  FAUNCE
1     Sugar Basin      ditto  ditto it has handles.
8     Table Spoons Crest:  Griffins heads & crescent, From Franks.
12    Desert               ditto     ditto          ditto                        ditto.
10    Tea                   ditto     ditto           ditto                        ditto.
1      pair sugar Tongs          ditto           ditto                        ditto.
1      Soup Ladle Crest:  a Cubit arm erect holding a cross pattee fitchee, PINCKE's
1      Coffee Pot     ditto    FAUNCE; the smaller of the two.
12     Desert Knives Ivory Handles, silver blades.
1       small Nutmeg grater silver.
1       pair Candlesticks Crest:  Griffins heads & crescent, from Franks.
4       Salt Cellars & spoons very small & old fashioned, particularly the spoons;  from Sharstead
1       Sugar spoon for soft sugar         Crest :  FAUNCE.
2       Hand waiters Crest:  FAUNCE.
Any Plate or plated articles not mentioned in the above lists are to remain in the house, 17 Caledonia Place, Clifton, for the use of those of the FAUNCE Family in the occupation of it.
A D  FAUNCE    Clifton, 4th September 1849.

Paper Writing B
In this Prerogative Court of Canterbury, In the Goods of Major General Alured Dodsworth FAUNCE, decd.  Appeared Personally William HAUTENVILLE, of No. 28 Caledonia Place, Clifton, in the County of Gloucester, Esquire, and Thomas FAUNCE, of No. 15 Westbourne Terrace, Hyde Park (Greater London), in the County of Middlesex, a Captain in His Majesty's Fourth Regiment of Foot, and made Oath as follows.
And first the said William HAUTENVILLE for himself made Oath that he is one of the subscribed Witnesses to the last Will and Testament hereto annexed, bearing date the fourth day of September one thousand eight hundred and forty nine of the said Alured Dodsworth FAUNCE, late of Caledonia Place, Clifton aforesaid, a Major General in His Majesty's Army and Companion of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath, deceased, and that on the fourth day of September aforesaid, the said Testator duly exercised his said Will by signing his name at the foot or end thereof in the presence of this Appearer, and of James ANDERSON the other subscribed Witness thereto, they being both present at the same time, and this appearer and the said James ANDERSON then attested and subscribed the said Will in the presence of the said Testator and of each other.  And referring to the following Clause in the said Will "My Plate I devise may be divided among my Sons and Daughters according to the division I have made in a list directed to my Executors,  who I request will see that my desire is attended to" he saith that the said Will was executed at the deceased's residence, and that on the occasion thereof some conversation passed between the Testator and this appearer about his Will, and that to the best of his recollection the said Testator said something about his plate, but what it was he cannot at all remember; That no other paper besides the Will was signed by the Deceased in this appearer's presence; That there were several papers lying about on the writing Table when the Will was executed, which was in the Library of the deceased's house, some of them folded up but what they were he cannot say, as his attention was not particularly directed to any of them, and he is therefore wholly unable to say whether the list of plate now hereto annexed was one of such papers, And he lastly saith that James ANDERSON, the other subscribed Witness to the said Will, and with whom this appearer was well acquainted is since also dead.
And the said Thomas FAUNCE for himself made Oath that he is the Son of the said Deceased, and one of the Executors named in his Will; That the said deceased departed this life on the first day of March instant, and on the same day this appearer found the aforesaid Will enclosed in an Envelope endorsed "the Will of A. D. FAUNCE, born 25th. (28th?) Nov. 1775" in the drawer of a writing Table in the Library of Deceased's Residence, and in the same drawer he also found the paper writing hereto annexed, dated "Clifton 4th. September 1849", commencing thus:  "Memorandum of plate directed by my Will to be divided on my decease among my Sons and daughters as follows".  And having noticed the following alterations therein, to wit:  the words and figures "2 Hand Waiters, ditto, ditto" in the seventeenth line of the first side struck through; the word "Pot"  written on an erasure in the third line from the bottom of the said side; the name FAUNCE written on an erasure in the seventh line of the second side thereof; the word "Pot" written on an erasure on the twenty ninth line of the same side; the figure & words "2 Hand Waiters" written on an erasure in the thirty ninth line of the same side; and the erasure of the whole of the twenty second line of third side thereof.  He saith that the said paper writing is all in the hand writing of his said Father, and is now in the same plight and condition as when so first found, save that this appearer made some pencil memoranda thereon, on estimating the value of the plate therein described.  And he further saith that the said list of plate was, when he found the same, enclosed in the envelope hereto annexed, directed "To my Executors Captain Alured Tasker FAUNCE, Captain Thomas FAUNCE, Alexander CUNINGHAM, Esq." and sealed up, and that he has made careful and diligent search amongst the deceased's papers but cannot find any other list of plate or paper answering the description before mentioned.  And he lastly saith that sometime before his death the said deceased told this Appearer where he would find his Will, and he pointed out to him the aforesaid Drawer in his writing Table, and opening the same so that this appearer could see several papers therein, he told him that he has named him one of his executors, that his Will was in the said Drawer, and that he would also find there some directions about his plate, and this appearer therefore verily believes that the paper writing hereto annexed is the list referred to in the said Will.
On the eighteenth day of March 1850 the said William HAUTENVILLE and Thomas FAUNCE were duly sworn to the truth of this Affidavit, Before me
Frs. (unreadable), (Rev.?) Charles TIBBS, Noty. Pubc.
This Will  contained in two paper writings marked Paper A and Paper B was proved at London 2nd April 1850 before the Judge by the Oaths of Thomas FAUNCE, Esquire, the Son, and Alexander CUNINGHAM, Esquire, two of the Executors to whom Admon. (administration) was granted, they having been first sworn to wit:  Thomas FAUNCE before the Worshipful Frederic Thomas PRATT, Doctor of Laws and Surrogate, and Alexander CUNINGHAM by C (unreadable), duly to administer.  Power reserved of making the like grant to Alured Tasker FAUNCE, Esquire, the Son, also the other Executor, when he should apply for same.